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Da Foundation is a hip hop/rap duo comprised of brothers Mustaiin (“Mu”) and Malcolm (“Casso”) Lawrence that formed in summer 2009. Mu considers himself a thinker, the quiet one with an uncanny militant streak that demands attention. Casso, on the other hand, is dynamic,
vigorously active, and always ready for a challenge. But make no mistake – Casso is an amiable and approachable guy. The pair’s personalities complement each other brilliantly, creating a powerful energy that propels them toward success.

The pair’s personalities complement each other brilliantly, creating a powerful energy that propels them toward success.

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Live… Suffer… Celebrate…

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Da Foundation proves that two crowns are better than one on “Lurkin”

Heavy is the head that wears the crown. In this case, make it plural. The Greensboro bred rap duo “Da Foundation” recently released their full-length album project “Live…Suffer…Celebrate.” The project’s versatility is one of its strongest attributes, with the duo effortlessly flowing across different production styles with relative ease. Da Foundation’s sonic mastery is most notable on track eight, a pulsating anthem to ambition entitled “Lurkin.” 


The Los Angeles Tribune

Da Foundation carries The Carolinas on their back with new release Live, Suffer and Celebrate.

The brother’s charisma and undeniable wordplay sets the stage for an album project that’s bigger then just music, but is interlaced with the realities of black life in America and the need for resilience to succeed. The project is rugged yet hopeful that with discipline and strategy the duo can navigate and super-exceed all limitations ……


…….The two took very hard which is reflected on the Album with songs like By Any Means, Member Only, Lurkin, Workin, Life Of Kings & Great Voices. The artist has managed to draw a parallel between God and the Devil, good and evil & believing one cannot exist without the other. That both are a form of energy we all possess. They also said to believe neither has anything to do with religion or church. Da Foundation expresses this point of view in track 11 off the album MEMBERS ONLY. This hip hop group has not made themselves  available for questions to dive further into the ideology of the debut album. So we encourage you to listen & stream to the album, for now you’ll have to draw your own conclusion. 


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