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        It is safe to say that all the hard work and long hours from writing and studio time is doing some good to Da Foundation. The rap duo Mile Cassoa and Mu Smoova still have tons of work to do if they are considering pleasing the world as a whole. Lately, Da Foundation decided to put their music to the test. They are trying to expand throughout the social media including Instagram, twitter, Facebook and much more. They came across TuneCore, a site where they can provide music of their choice and receive reviews such as ratings and comments from fans and commentators.

        TuneCore is a Brooklyn, New York-based independent digital music distribution service, founded in 2005. TuneCore principally offers musicians and other rights-holders the opportunity to distribute and sell or stream their music through online retailers such as iTunesDeezerSpotifyAmazon MusicGoogle PlayTidal, and others. TuneCore also offers music publishing administration services, helping songwriters register their compositions and collect royalties internationally.

        The company currently operates out of its Brooklyn, United States headquarters with offices in Austin, Burbank, Boston, Nashville, Atlanta, Australia, Germany, France and the United Kingdom.

        As mentioned before there were good reviews and of course there were bad reviews. It’s a start for them, allowing them to know what they need to work on most and how they should approach the studio when they are recording. With in mind they want all good reviews, so paying close attention to the bad reviews will help.

      One thing the duo has to keep in mind is who are the target audiences. Do they want to rap for everyone or one specific group. TuneCore categorize specific age groups and genders and it helps a great deal as to what they may be looking for.

       There are people who love them and people who do not. There people who think they can do better and has what it takes and there are people who feel they should give up. It is all motivation to them. This group is not one minded, they will venture out of their element to challenge themselves. They feel the love from fans and they know the fans want more. They will give the fans what they want and that is more.


Foundation Appreciation

        Da Foundation would like to show their appreciation for all of the support from family, friends, and fans from everywhere.

        They are giving away Alleyway 2 Broadway T- shirts to anyone who wants one. Follow the Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter pages for more information.

        If you have not already check out videos by Da Foundation including the hit Alleyway 2 Broadway, Loud N Clear, In Due Time, In My Zone and the new video Thats What You Like Thou.

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Have Mercy on Da Foundation

        Doors left unlocked and Da Foundation is just walking right through. As they proceed with their tour in March, they are dressed comfortably, doing photo shoots with their newest collaboration of clothing line, Mercy Clothing, by Rakeem Kelly, of Newark, New Jersey. Da Foundation have been looking for a clothing line to represent in their process and one finally fell in their lap, in the perfect of timing.  One thing about this duo is they do not mind supporting other independent businesses. They understand it is a process and the only way up is through networking and supporting other industries. This is a big step for the group now that they are not only representing themselves they are representing another business.

        Rakeem Kelly is the founder and C.E.O of Mercy Clothing since 2013. MERCY means Make Every Road Count YOLO (you only live once). Rakeem has over 19 years in entrepreneurship, rightfully earning his nick name (Preneur) in the city of Newark. Rakeem owned businesses in Plainfield Nj, Newark Nj, Bloomfield Nj, and Long Beach California, the businesses he owned were restaurants, beauty salons, clothing stores, and 1 barbershop. His passion for clothing comes from Hip Hop. Under Rakeem’s leadership MERCY has grown from just t-shirts & hats, to coats, jackets, sweatshirts, sweat suits, socks, leather Varsity coats, kids apparel, women apparel, and more to come. Rakeem (Mercy) also donates shirts to some of the high school basketball teams in the city of Newark, Rakeem & the Mercy family voluntarily supports cancer & lupus associations in the city every year, Mercy also has an AAU boys basketball team, the name MERCY comes from not just his, but people he knows life experiences,

        Da Foundation is Making Every Road Count.  The MoneyNevaSleepz Promotour is just around the corner as the month of March takes off. Ripping up the streets of Orlando Florida and again in Tampa, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and Jacksonville.  It’s time the deep south finally get an ear full of Da Foundation.

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Broadway Ent.

Broadway ’17

        Countless nights, listening to instrumentals, writing and erasing, and more writing and more erasing, repeating and replacing for better sound and better worth, Da Foundation, with every chance they get has taken this part of their life devotedly. On top of working their other jobs for income, Mile Casso and Mu Smoova been working diligently and industriously in the recording studio. This 6-year commitment is starting to pay off as this new year begin to move along. Despite having the ups and downs throughout the years Da Foundation completed 2016 on the right foot.

        They introduced a few cities such as Chicago and Orlando with hit songs like Loud N Clear and the lady’s favorite, Fyi from their recent Ep Money Neva Sleepz. They also release a hit song Alleyway to Broadway from the Ep Moneyball. These songs are taking space on the charts, moving from internet radio to F.M. This independent rap group will waste no time for nobody.

        Casso and Smoova were drawn towards the world of music through the beautiful art of hip-hop and the dedication to the hustle and the determination to be free from life debts through the lucrative entertainment industry. Thus, Da Foundation went from open mics, to winning showcases, to headlining their own shows. All of which was in a matter of months while working with various booking agencies.

        All the hard work has opened the eyes and ears for a lot of people who are interested in working with Da Foundation. International Fleet Djs such as Dj NoPhrillz, Dj XXL, Dj Malone , Dj Rio, Dj RL are looking forward to working with the rap duo on future projects and much more. Networking to Da Foundation means well to them. They been on their own and seeking support and Djs are noticing them and are open to partner with them.

        Da Foundation has been featured on Hype Magazine, which was a great deal to them. They look forward to working with them in the future. Recently, they came across another blogger Brittany Elyse, who writes for Wordkrushvolunteered to write on their behalf. Wordkrush is located in Orlanda, Florida.

        Networking outside the local area is what Da Foundation want to do. They enjoy interviews because it gives them an opportunity to tell their story a Capella. They had interviews over the phone as well as in person at studios. They understand they are no Rae Sremmurd, they are not like any other Rap duo that are known, therefore they have to o things differently by any means necessary.

        The duo’s different styles and personalities complement each other brilliantly, creating massively powerful energy that propels them towards success. Mile Casso, known as the eager, risk taker of the duo and the calm, cool, and collective older brother Mu Smoova, been working hard for a long time trying to bring old Hip-Hop back. The hustle, from selling Cds at gas stations and showing up to open mic to working with out-of-town Djs. They struggled with standing out the cold and in the rain, but with the energy of one another they didn’t allow it to slow them down. Casso and Smoova understand what it takes and they will do everything they can to make it.

        The grind is just as similar to when they played football, which was the both of them first love. They trained hard, they practice hard and they ate slept and breathed football. Now, they’ve taken that same mentally to Hip-Hop and they are acknowledging the accomplished, they are admiring the responses from people who listen to them whether it is good or bad. They feel they need the criticizing because they received it in football and it made them better so they can use it in booth to make them better.

        This duo has music they can’t wait to reveal to the world. Their story is not entirely unique but the way the go about it, individuals can relate to it heart-fully. There was a point in time where they didn’t know whether or not people were even listening to them, they didn’t know if they should keep going, change their ways, or just stop completely. They were raised by a mother who moved by faith, who taught them how to pray, how to ask questions and answers will follow, and so they began to receive what they been asking for. The youtube channel is an example, they went from a few hundred views to a few thousands of views. In other words, it’s a start, they are making progress and despite the setbacks, they are moving forward.

        With that said Da Foundation has release a project they worked on with Dj NoPhrillz on January 20, 2017 called Gate City Blvd. This is a mixtape produced by Philly’s very own, that featured artists around North Carolina, from the Meet and Greet in December. Da Foundation is working on a new single with Dj NoPhrillz called ChuKnoooo that will hit the street soon. They are looking at a future that is already near.


Da Foundation Award Winning Single is Featured on North Carolina’s very own Dj Rio Mixtape “You Name It”

        North Carolina’s very own Dj Rio will be featuring yours truly Da Foundation award winning single Fyi with Jimi Morgan and Danelle on the feature. Da Foundation is getting recognized and radio stations are loving them. This is not the first time Da Foundation and Dj Rio has worked together. Dj Rio was also behind the mixtape  Alleyway 2 Broadway .1Moneyball. 
       Dj Rio has partnered with X-Squad DJs and  SlipNSlide DJs and even stations such as 90.1 FM 103.1 FM and 92.7 FM.  This is a good look for Da Foundation making there way around the FM stations. They are moving fast and the more fans continue to enjoy the soulful single Fyi the more DJs will pick up on them. They are living proof and they are not slowing down.
        North Carolina ritually work and support their own talent. If the talent is produced and created in the area, they will get every opportunity to get that exposure. Da Foundation networking system is very strong and is growing rapidly. They are meeting people all over in-state and people from out of state is reaching out to them. There’s nothing like the support from your own city. FM radio is a huge step for Da Foundation, they want people to vibe to their music in their vehicles. North Carolina is showing all the love they have for Da Foundation with the help of Dj Rio.
Stay tuned in!!
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Da Foundation’s Musical Prosperity All Began At Home


 “Living in a world where negativity is broadcast and few aspirations are held above the surface, we find our biggest inspiration to be our parents. They worked hard and pushed us to be great despite our rebellious stages. They never gave up on us.”

Check out the interview with Da Foundation exclusively on Skilly Magazine Online.

Skilly: Where did this all start? Tell us about your journey in the entertainment business.
“Da Foundation: 2009, that’s the year we decided to change our fortune. One day the thought of taking freestyling and beat selection to another level crossed our minds. We realized that we were both on the same page and it was time to put the plan in motion.

The Entertainment business is a hell of a life to step into especially at the underground/up and coming/local level. We’ve had ups and downs, failures, and moments when we shined the brightest. But it comes with the territory. It’s something we’ve gotten used to.”

What would be your biggest piece of advice for the young kids out there trying to do what you do?
“Our biggest advice for the kid seeking to go into the same business or any business is to keep your head on your shoulders and never let your ego get ahead of your stature. Be real with yourself going into every situation in good faith until you have reason to suspect otherwise.”

What are some of the hardest challenges and tasks in your position?
“The difficulties of being an artist in our position is actually getting people to take you, your movement, your goals, and ambition seriously. Some individuals think because you’re local or up and coming that you don’t like things done in a timely fashion or your shit is somehow not so important. In many situations you can be judged based on past experiences that person may have had with other artists. It’s hot until you prove yourself to be warm.”

We all know the entertainment business is very tough, but what do you find is the best way to promote and advertise your music?
“Best way to promote and advertise your music is with various promotions and advertisement. Some of the things we did was street promo like tagging wooden poles with fliers, post at the different gas stations, handing out hand bills one by one, greeting people and introducing ourselves letting them know what it is that we do.”

Tell us about your city. How are the artists and the fans?
“Greensboro, NC is the location where the movement was born. East Orange, NJ is the location where we were born. Greensboro is a great city where everybody has a hustle. The artists here are talented and often overlooked, but there are some dope artists that produce and work hard and the vultures work even harder. The fans play you from a distance as well as support you.”

Where do you see yourself a year from today?
“We’ve been going hard for some time now and it’s been a rollercoaster. A year from now we see Da Foundation with an increase in fans, in web presence, and in other major markets. Plus if everything goes our way as planned an increase in revenue. But we’ll take progress where we can get it.”

Who and what were your biggest inspirations? Who do you look up to in today’s world?
“Living in a world where negativity is broadcast and few aspirations are held above the surface, we find our biggest inspiration to be our parents. They worked hard and pushed us to be great despite our rebellious stages. They never gave up on us. Our pop-warner football coaches instilled pride, discipline, and self-respect.”

How do you feel about the music coming out today? Do you like it?
“Music, where we manipulate energy and emotions. Nowadays it’s more focused on the beat rather than what the artist is saying. The artists used to make the beat come alive, it’s the opposite now. We listen to a lot of OG’s of the rap game like Jay Z, Nas, Ross, Max B, etc.”

Where can we contact you and find you online?
“Thanks for having us. Thanks for your time in getting to know us a little better. It was a pleasure. You can reach us at any time via Look out for MoneyNevaSleepz and Loud N Clear is out and available now. Thank you for your support.”