Da Foundation, a hip-hop/rap group, was formed in the hot summer of 2009. It’s composed of two brothers: “Mu Smoova” Mustaiin Lawrence, and “Mile Casso” Malcolm Lawrence. “Mu Smoova” or “Mu” is the thinker. He’s a quiet spoken person who at the same time possesses a militant vibe which demands attention. “Mile Casso” is vigorously active and a heavy risk taker, always up for a challenge. He’s also a very amiable and approachable guy. The duo’s different styles and personalities complement each other brilliantly, creating massively powerful energy that propels them towards success.

Mu and Casso were drawn towards the world of music through the beautiful art of hip-hop and the dedication to the hustle and the determination to be free from life debts through the lucrative entertainment industry. Thus, Da Foundation went from open mics, to winning showcases, to headlining their own shows. All of which was in a matter of months while working with various booking agencies.

Soon the duo realized their foundation must be strong, and they began to focus on their surrounding areas. Performing in Greensboro, Raleigh, Chapel Hill, Charlotte and Durham, just to name a few. The unique style they brought to the table fed their targeted audience, who identified 100% with their music, and eventually the audience expanded past a single target.

But that wasn’t enough. Da Foundation wanted even more people to get that musical fulfillment. “We grind from a state of poverty so we give you our all. The people should know we took no shorts and never considered ourselves too big for any opportunity.” They said. With that, it was time to release a project, which they did, “Alleyway to Broadway.” A project that showcases the hustle and hype. Moneyball was produced by Dreez09 productions and Don Mega (MegaMuzik/D-Block/ BrickSquad 1017) and is currently available at www.coast2coastmixtapes.com.

With the project completed, Da Foundation begins to move up in the Hip-Hop Charts with their award winning single. They are currently impacting radio through worldwide airplay, earning them #49 in the top 50 independent artist in US. They have also recieved numerous 2016 placements, including but not limited to; The Hype Magazine, Hip Hop on Deck, Hip Hop Since 1987, ThisIs50.com, and Siccness & Siccness Radio.

Da Foundation released their EP entitled “MoneyNevaSleepz” on April 8, 2016. Showcasing they have what it takes to make a major impact on the music industry today, following the release with their current 2016 Self funded Promo Tour “MoneyNevaSleepz”. However, nothing came easy to them, not even the units sold on the streets “hand over fist”. Yet the dedication to their group and the willpower to survive in the music industry lead to exponential growth, which continues to rise, although Da Foundation agrees they don’t care about the fame, they don’t want the limelight, they just want to spread their inspiration.

“As we grow we learn” says Casso, so it can only be up from here. Dedication, faith, strength and talent ensure Da Foundation will be successful “one way or another.”