Mu Smoova

Mu Smoova Talks MoneyNevaSleepz EP

      MoneyNevaSleepz The EP, marinated four years. In between that four years, it was in the streets for two years catching fire. On top of various other mixtapes releases in the streets :
TMA pt. 1, TMA pt.2, .1Moneyball, 40 Dayz of Rain. Some would say FLOOD, I say, “Alleyway 2 Broadway.” Changes in management and a couple of setbacks delayed but couldn’t deter; nothing we couldn’t handle. The mindset was more in tune with what’s been talked about and planned.
               Making MoneyNevaSleepz was no small task. We recorded 17 tracks. We boxed in for a while. Then surface The EP 7 solid gems.
    Track 1 – Cloud 9 pt.2, which was a visit to a previous mindset in more depth. 
    Track 2 – Loud N Clear, Really standing ground. We Here! Type Joint. 
    Track 3 – Buy The Bar, Casso on his shit. I’m just trying to keep up. We feel the heat that other fellow artist generating, Well, here you go! 
    Track 4 – Death Around the Corner
    Track 5 –  Fyi, I love women, something for a tenderoni with the help of Jimi Morgan & Danelle. Dreez provided the resources to get that done.
    Track 6 – Shorty Like pt.2, Cause we felt like it.
    Track 7 – Unpleasant, that grind from the bottom. It’s all for the love of Hip Hop. 
               Another solid body of work from Da Foundation period. If you ask me, we build stamina and give the project its legs to go. Built from the creative sense of being MoneyNevaSleepz is FLAME from top to bottom. Our Debut went well, Expect more to come for the underground indie music community.
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